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All communications are meant to do one thing: Get someone to learn, believe or do something differently. Whether it’s to educate, enthuse or encourage to buy, I can help you communicate more effectively, more strategically, and more productively.


A veteran communications consultant, I help companies develop strategic solutions to their communication challenges, allowing them to strengthen their relationships with both internal and external audiences.

An award-winning writer, I can support every aspect of a communications program with meticulously developed copy/content that resonates with the intended audience.

If you have the following communications challenges or writing needs, call Amy the Writer:

Marketing/Corporate Communications

A company’s personality is reflected in every communication it issues, from its corporate brochure to an editorial article to a tweet. Protecting and maintaining that image—no matter the medium or communications objective—is of the utmost importance. I carefully weigh every word for impact and emotional effect, and strive to maintain a consistent tone throughout.

My corporate/marketing communications experience includes:

  • Marketing brochures and other sales tools
  • Executive speeches and sales presentations
  • White papers, trade articles and advertorials
  • Training, promotional and educational materials (videos, manuals, intranets, etc.)
  • Web pages as well as complete websites
  • Case studies and success stories
Medical Communications

Today’s healthcare organizations need to communicate with a variety of audiences—the FDA, trial participants, consumers, patients, caregivers, physicians. Each audience requires a different communication strategy and, more often than not, a different tone and WIIFM. For medical professionals, information must be presented in a scientifically compelling way. For the lay person, content often needs to educate while at the same time conveying hope and compassion.

My medical writing experience ranges from single projects to comprehensive marketing/educational campaigns, including multiple media and multiple audiences, in the areas of:

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Surgical instruments
  • Service providers
  • Managed care
  • Consumer health
  • Diagnostics
Video Scriptwriting & Producing

Words heard by an audience require a different writing strategy from words that are read in a brochure or on a website. After all, these words usually have only one chance to make an impression, and they must work in absolute harmony with the onscreen visuals to achieve superior engagement and lasting impact. I can help you produce a video that supports your communication strategy, is easily understood by your target audience, and reflects your company’s brand promise. Having a professional team, including a scriptwriter, cinematographer, editor, sound engineer and director, ensures a solid return on your video investment.

My video scripting/production experience includes:

  • Corporate
  • Orientation
  • Promotional
  • Educational
  • Museum/visitor center
  • Voiceover and multi-character
  • :30 and :60 second spots
Executive Speechwriting

C-level executives must carefully consider every message they deliver, whether the audience consists of clients, employees, stockholders or TED attendees. Working with a speechwriter and PowerPoint designer saves countless hours by allowing executives to do what they do best—their jobs—rather than agonizing over words they’ll likely say only once, but which absolutely must make a powerful and lasting impression.

When it comes to multi-speaker events, I carefully synchronize all the presentations to ensure a logical flow of information from one speaker to the next, with no one stealing another’s thunder, or worse–contradicting what a previous speaker has stated. I also ensure that the supporting PowerPoint has an appropriate mix of graphic and text slides and is completely coordinated with the teleprompter-based speech.

Instructional/Training Communications

Instructional materials, no matter the medium, need to engage and be easily understood by the intended audience. I may not be a techie, but I know how to translate techno-babble into plain English. I also know how to work closely with graphic artists, programmers, videographers and other professionals to ensure that the format and design support the content, and that the final deliverable prints or publishes on time.

My experience creating instructional/training communications includes:

  • Printed and online “how-to” guides
  • Interactive training programs
  • Educational intranets
  • Training and educational videos
  • Operations and policy manuals
  • Medical materials
  • Expert books
Additional Resources

As a well-connected professional in Orange County, I have a Rolodex full of professional colleagues that I can recommend with confidence when you need:

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Interactive Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Product/Individual Photography
  • Corporate Illustrations/Cartoons
  • Customized Business Apps
  • Promotional Items