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Service Philosophy

I consider it my job to lower your stress level by making sure I meet your expectations, your deadlines and your budgets, and by communicating with you regularly but not overly.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:


I make sure I am crystal clear on your objectives and your expectations.
My goal is to see what you’re seeing and to match your vision. When we get finished, I want you to say, “Yes, that’s it exactly!” If you’re not saying that, then I need to work harder to understand the vision.  I don’t just make your content “sound good”; I make sure it’s fully supporting your business objectives and representing your company as precisely as possible. I may ask a lot of questions, and I’ll probably send you a Creative Brief so we have it in writing, but all that just serves to increase the efficiency with which I work.

A big part of my job entails decreasing the stress in your life.
Let’s face it: there are a lot of flaky freelancers around. They say they’ll do something, but then you can’t seem to reach them. Or they turn into prima donnas, and you end up having to stroke their egos. I consider it my job to lower your stress level by regularly communicating with you through status updates and by making sure I meet your expectations AND your deadlines. The only surprises I provide are good surprises. For example, I will quote you a price that will be the final price UNLESS the scope increases. And if the scope decreases and/or it takes less time than I estimated, the final price may be less than you expected. Surprise!

I leave my ego at the door.
When you work with me, you work with a seasoned professional who will provide her expert recommendations, not shove them down your throat. I can pull together a team of fellow professionals if that makes sense for the project at hand. I will produce my best work for you—on time, on budget, and on target. I am working for you.

I am Amy the Writer.
Give me an opportunity to earn your trust.