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Obviously I can’t publish everything I’ve ever done here on my website. But click below to see what I consider some of my best work (well, the best of what I can actually share online). If you’d like to see additional samples, contact me to arrange a meeting. I’ll bring the coffee.

Yellow Pages Association

Palindromic Video

Carefully crafted this intricate video, which tells one story when read forward and a completely different story when read backwards. The video was shown at a YPA annual conference to illustrate to members that the Yellow Pages is not a dinosaur, and is in fact evolving in response to changes in media and technology.

Medtronic Diabetes

Various Campaigns and Projects

Worked with the marketing team to improve the effectiveness of communications with patients and physicians. Campaigns revolved around helping diabetes patients learn how to use CareLink Software, increasing awareness of the need to change infusion sets regularly (“Use Right”), and encouraging those who stopped pump therapy to give it another try (“Win Back”).

Johnson & Johnson Finance Corporation (JJFC)

Resource Center and Training Intranet

Developed this online resource center to help J&J Affiliate company sales reps understand the financing options available for them to offer to their end customers, and to easily access the documents and marketing materials they would need. The Intranet was customized for each of the affiliate companies, requiring, in essence, thirteen different sites. Because of the proprietary nature of the information, only excerpts from the site can be shared here.


Fleetwood RV

Executive Speeches

Worked with Fleetwood RV, the nation’s leader in recreational vehicle sales, to prepare for a special, pre-launch meeting to showcase the newly redesigned 2004 American Coach–first to dealers and later to customers. I strategically arranged the agenda, wrote full speeches for the management team (10-25 minutes in length) and creative-directed the production of the accompanying PowerPoint slides.


Additional Samples